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Rats In Drains

Rats Are Found In Nearly

All Drains & Sewers Throughout 

Modern Cities & Towns.

Rats Can Exploit Vulnerabilities In Drainage Systems & Can Make

Their Way Into Your Home Or Premises Through Holes, Cracks & Old Redundant Connections In Pipes. Other Issues Such as Buried Inspection Chambers & Defective Manhole Chambers Can Allow Them Areas Eat, Nest & Burrow.

Working With Our Selected Pest Control Partners, We Can Provide A Quick, Comprehensive & Effective Response To Find The Source of Vermin Coming Into Your Property.

Use Of Our CCTV Surveying Equipment Allows Us To Identify Problems Under The Ground Which May Not Be Visible By Lifting

AJ & Manhole Covers.

We cover all aspects of Repairs 

to stop them getting into your home or premises

The Ratflap®

DrainCo Are Suppliers & Installers of The Irish Produced &

Globally Exported Ratflap

The Installation of One or More Ratflaps Is The Most Effective Methods For Keeping Vermin Out of Your Drainage Systems.

The Simple Yet Effective Design & 

Excellent Manufacturing Quality Mean They Last For Years In Drains While Causing No Issue To Flow When Correctly Installed.

DrainCo Can Survey Your Drainage System & Advise You On The Most Effective Placement of Ratflaps In Your Property Which May Have Multiple Drainage Systems.

Feel free to get in touch for more information

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